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Data d'inizioTBA
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NazioneHong Kong
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Online digital advertising has reached a huge market size after many years of rapid growth but is plagued by many fundamental problems. Advertisers spend a huge amount of budget on invalid traffic and lack trust in the ad network. Users as the ultimate value creator do not receive any reward and have no decision-making power. DAD blockchain will be built on top of Ontology, the new generation public blockchain and distributed trust collaboration platform. Via smart contract and token economy, DAD achieves data openness, transaction transparency and user revenue sharing, to improve ad quality and delivery efficiency, building a new generation of blockchain ad system and reshaping the ad industry as we know it today.

Data Analytics Architect
Application Developer
Prezzo0.0000 USD saldi3,500,000,000 Metodo di pagamentoN/A
investimento minimoN/A Distribuzione35% SollevatoN/A
Cap morbidoN/A difficile CapN/A