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LIX will primarily be a game project crowd-funding platform which will allow game ideas to become a reality fairly and efficiently. LIX will not only provide a faster and more convenient micro-transaction game-currency but will also provide for a full gaming infrastructure and economy to be used by publishers, studios and independent developers alike. Ultimately, with a fully committed LIX community, no longer will a billion dollar budget be required to produce and distribute a game – simply ideas.

Co-Founder / CEO & Head of Web Dev
Co-Founder / CFO & Head of Marketing
Co-Founder / CTO & Head of Security
Prezzo0.0000 USD saldi68,800,000 Metodo di pagamentoN/A
investimento minimoN/A Distribuzione68.8% SollevatoN/A
Cap morbidoN/A difficile CapN/A