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MASS Industrial Miner is a divergent project designed to give individuals greater control when participating in cloud mining. The MASS Token will provide participants with hashing power on a monthly basis. Each token will represent an amount of hashing power, which can be distributed across our coin selection. The hashing power in turn mines cryptocurrency in the MASS Mining Data Centre or through an alternative mining operation. The MASS Mining Portal, on desktop, IOS, or android will have an access layer for other mining initiatives to join. Therefore, the MASS Token can be universally used for mining across the world. The opt in/out capability ensures the user has complete control to leave the cloud mining initiative without penalties or switching their mineable coin selection. The MASS Solution tackles the issues of rising block difficulty, and fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market. The founders of this project have a combined 20 years’ experience in cryptocurrency mining, mining many different currencies, building custom rigs, and using various power sources. The due diligence conducted for power source, equipment, coin selection and profitability on this project were extensive.

CEO & Co-founder
COO & Co-founder
CTO & Co-founder
Prezzo0.0000 USD saldi50,000,000 Metodo di pagamentoBTC, ETH
investimento minimo150 USD DistribuzioneN/A SollevatoN/A
Cap morbido10,000,000 USD difficile Cap50,000,000 USD